Eli Bishop Artwork for FOGcon 2016! (And, T-shirts)

If you’re coming to FOGcon 6 in Walnut Creek, March 10-13, 2016 (and you should, it’s an wonderful little con that’s both laid-back and interesting) – the artwork from Eli Bishop has been revealed. It’s awesome, and it’s available as a T-shirt. If you order now, you can pick it up at the Con.

Here’s a part of Eli’s FOGcon 6 art (you can see the whole thing on his website, just click on the pic).

fogcon 6 artwork - by eli bishopI love his art. Here’s what he did for FOGcon 5 last year (again, click on the pic to go to a larger version on Eli’s page):

fogcon-5-artwok by eli bishopI’ve heard rumors that signed posters may be available at FOGcon 6… hope so!