Midsummer with Vampire Romeo and Zombie Juliet” in Alternative Holidays anthology from B Cubed Press (August 2022)

Bidaai ki Chicken Curry” in Worlds of Possibility edited by  Julia Rios (August 2022). Includes a podcast of the author reading of the story, and an author interview with Julia Rios.

Dilemma, with Omnivore” in Paradoxical Pets anthology (December 2022). First published in  Little Blue Marble (September 2019); also in the paperback anthology, Little Blue Marble 2019 (December 2019)

Genetic Changelings” in Italian translation as “Surrogati genetici” in “Internetwork” from Future Fiction (April 2022). Earlier versions were published in Working Futures anthology (October 2019), and  in Science Fiction Short Stories anthology from Flametree Press (2015).

Chicken Monster Motel” in “Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging – Volume Silver” anthology from Improbable Press (Spring,  2022). First published in Monstrosities from Third Flatiron Publishing (2018). Also published as a podcast read by Keely Rew. (Downloadable here: )

Worth It” microfiction in Stupefying Stories. (January 2022.)

Honey and Vinegar and Seawater” Poem in Mermaids Monthly (August 2021)

Our Truest Life” in The Bare Life Review (May 2021)

The Excruciating Beauty of Ephemera” in Constelación magazine, published in English and Spanish (January, 2021)

Wildest Dreams” in Flame Tree Fiction Newsletter (January, 2021)

Lepers” –  in Mysterion 2 anthology, 2021.   Earlier versions published in Insignia 2020: Best Asian Speculative Fiction, in Mysterion (January 2019), and IN ENGLISCH, from the Bergmoser + Höller Verlag AG. First published with minor differences in Big Pulp. Reprinted in Big Pulp’s horror/ mystery e-zine,  and the Big Pulp 2016 print anthology.

“Blowing Hellglass: A Step by Step Guide” in Helios Quarterly (June,  2020)

Scent and Sound: The Assassin” – Audio podcast in Twenty Minute Transport, Season 1, Episode 4 (2020).  Earlier published as flash-fiction in Big Pulp, and reprinted in Big Pulp 2017 annual anthology.

Light and Death on the Indian Battle Station” in Escape Pod (October 2019) First published in Fireside Magazine (2018)

Nor Yet Feed The Swine” in Cabinet des Fees (January, 2010). (This story was ‘Recommended’ in Lois Tilton’s review in Locus Online.) Republished in the Two Hour Transport Anthology, 2019.

In Dreams Awake” in Flame Tree Fiction Newsletter (August 2019)

Octonetin Escape Pod (March 2019) (Text version, and a podcast narrated by S.B. Divya and produced by Izzy Wasserstein.)

“A Haunting Scent of Grief” published as “A Scent of Roses” in Constellary Tales (February 2019)

The Churail and the Crow” in Asian Birds and Beasts anthology  from Insignia (2018). A flash version of this story was earlier published as “Lena” in Ruthless People’s Magazine, (2009).

Picnic, with Xels” in Cat’s Breakfast: Kurt Vonnegut Tribute  (Third Flatiron Anthologies Book 19, Third Flatiron Publishing, 2017).  Reprinted in Third Flatiron Best of 2017, (Third Flatiron Publishing, 2017)

Spoiling Veena” – in Brave Boy World (Pink Narcissus Press, February 2017). Story first published in Expanded Horizons. Earlier anthologized in “Eight Against Reality” from Panverse Publishing, and in “Beyond Binary”  (Lethe Press, May 2012).

Happily Ever After in Twelve Stained Glass Panels” in Expanded Horizons (2017). First published in Mosaics: A Collection of Independent Women Volume I anthology (2016).

The Mother Goose Crisis in Unsung Stories (August 2015).

Chick Lit” in Daily Science Fiction (October 2010). Anthologized in Not Just Rockets and Robots/ Daily Science Fiction Year One (June 2012).  Published in translation in Polish as “Koleżanki po piórze”  in Szortal (August 2014).

“Stalking the Monster Lizard” in Jack Gorman Got Cut By a Girl anthology from Musa Publishing (2012)

The Souk of Dreams” in Cabinet des Fees (September, 2010); Anthologized in “Queer Fish 2” from Pink Narcissus (October 2012). Cited in an academic paper by John Patrick Pazdziora, presented at the University of Ghent, Belgium. (2011)

Blood Amber”  in Expanded Horizons (March 2012). First published in the Book of Tentacles anthology (October, 2009)

She Shall Have Music” in Theme and Variations (Podcast Anthology).  Also in Cheer Up, Universe anthology (December 2011)

Marriage of True Minds” in Expanded Horizons (November, 2011)

The Intragalactic Shakespeare Festival” in Art From Art, A Collection of Short Stories Inspired by Art (Modernist Press, July 2011).

Sensitive Ice” story reprinted in Expanded Horizons, January 2011. (First published online in Big Pulp, 2008; reprinted in the paperback Fall 2011 edition.)

The Mermaid’s Eldest Sister” in  Expanded Horizons (February 2011). First published in Enchanted Conversation (June, 2010)

Riversong” in Expanded Horizons (October, 2010)

The Man in the Blue Checked Loungyi” in Expanded Horizons (September 2010)

The Rumpelstiltskin Retellings” – Story published in Expanded Horizons.The story was filmed as “Rumpled” by Justin Whitney (Sea Urchin Productions, in association with Scary Cow, 2009).

Anyways I borrowed your body” – Flash-fiction in the debut issue of Ruthless People’s Magazine. (2009)

Nightwatch: A Poem for Two Voices – Pantoum published in Spaceports and Spidersilk, 2008.

“Satyrday Evening at the Enchanted Lake” – Story published by Lucrezia  (2008)

F&SF Competition #75:Rewrite-ku. Second place:”…You did, however, come in second place in this quarter’s F&SF  humor competition, with your very funny haiku. And it even rhymed.” – Carol Pinchefsky

Goose“in The Leonardo Variations, a Clarion 2007 anthology.

When you left your body lying around” – Poem published in Strange Horizons (2005)


Why I Write American” in The Wiscon Chronicles Vol. 9: Intersections and Alliances (e-book only). (Aqueduct Press, 2015)

Interview with Cory Doctorow in the Internet Review of Science Fiction.








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