Clarion 2007

Wizards: Justin vs Nick. Photo Credit: Keyan Bowes modified by Caleb Wilson

Clarion 2007 was an amazing experience: Six weeks of writing and critiquing in the company of 18 other writers who redefined “excellent writing” for me.

Our instructors were: Greg Frost in Week One; Jeff Vandermeer (and Ann) in Week Two; Karen Joy Fowler in Week Three; Cory Doctorow in Week Four; And Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner team-teaching Weeks Five and Six.

My notes from Clarion are HERE. (They were originally posted on my LiveJournal at random intervals between Dec 2007 and March 2008, but I’ve compiled them).

The Clarion 2007 Group picture

Photo Credit: Tania Meyer

Front row:  Peter Atwood,  Cory Doctorow (instructor),  Keyan Bowes

Second row: Ramsey Shehadeh, Betsy (Hasman) Mahaffey, Julie Andrews,  Kari O’Connor, Dr Sneag (in purple and orange), Katie McLaughlin, Caleb Wilson

Third row:  Matthew CodyJanuary Mortimer, Shweta Narayan, Desirina BoskovichKater (Catherine) Cheek, Jerome Stueart, David Wesley

Fourth Row:  Andrew EmmottNick WolvenJustin WhitneyDrew (Andrew) White

Thanks, everyone and may other Clarions be as lucky.

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