Flights of Foundry April 2021

Last weekend, I attended the second Flights of Foundry (FoF) virtual convention. It was quite amazing. It aimed to be global for April 17th and 18th , so programming actually started on April 16th in the US… they had a total of 300 hours of programs! Of course I didn’t attend all of it. There was no way.

So I split my time between panels (which were on Webex but disseminated via YouTube, with a chat on Discord alongside) and author readings, which were in Webex and allowed the audience to see each other and interact. Everything I attended was awesome.

The highlight for me was a launch party for Constelacion, the Spanish-English bilingual magazine. It publishes everything in both languages. Editors Coral Alejandra Moore and Eliana Gonzalez Ugarte were Guests of Honor at  FoF. Coral invited me to read my story, The Excruciating Beauty of Ephemera, published in their first issue, at the party. Which I did.  And then, when I said I’d love to hear it in Spanish, Eliana obliged. Though I don’t speak Spanish, it sounded so good.

Another author, read from her story Imilla, in Spanish. I followed along in English, and immediately went and read the whole thing. And the whole magazine, to which I have a subscription.


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