Wiscon 42 is Over – 2018

As usual, Wiscon became a whirlwind of panels, friends, conversations, activities. I took notes at some of the panels I attended (and may add them to this post later).

On Saturday, I joined a group for a reading at Michelangelo’s. I read my currently unpublished story, The Liverwood Conspiracy. Cath Schaff Stump made this poster to let people know about our reading.

At a panel I didn’t get to (I’d planned to, but in the end couldn’t make it), there was a kerfuffle when one of the panelists expressed compassion for Nazis. (The Third Reich ones, not the current day wannabes.) I was impressed by how quickly Wiscon reacted to manage the situation.

The Tiptree auction was a hoot. I always attended when Ellen Klages was the auctioneer in a spirit of stand-up comedy, and after she retired, the role was taken over by Sumana Harihareswara. Sumana’s made it her own, and it was a lot of fun. Best item: An inflatable pink vinyl fish skeleton, where the bidding started at $2 and made it to… I don’t recall: $200?

The Guest of Honor speeches were wonderful. Saladin Ahmed spoke about his grandmother, who was an activist, matriarch, and the heart of the family. (His speech is posted to his Patreon page, here.)  Tananarive Due spoke of Afrofuturism, activism, and literature as a way of fighting for a better world – together with regular activism. (That speech is on Youtube.)

Look forward to next year!

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