FOGcon is Coming! (March 7-9, 2014)

I’m on the FOGcon organizing committee, and things are getting exciting. The year’s turned, and there’s only a few weeks left for FOGcon. It’s from March 7-9th, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The theme is Secrets!

FOGcon header pic


  • We have awesome Guests of Honor. This year, it’s Seanan McGuire, Tim Powers, and the Late James Tiptree Jr. (There’s a great interview with her on the FOGBlog.)
  • It’s a great size – large enough that there’s always something going on, but small enough that it’s easy to meet up and move around without getting over-tired. It’s a lovely gateway Con for people who are new to Con-going. It could be addictive. There’s a nice mix of new people and regulars.
  • (Still and all – I’d recommend this excellent article by Amy Sundberg on the FOGblog: Amy’s Personal Con Survival Guide. Wish I’d read it before going to my first Con, and glad to read it now.)
  • Programming varies from excellent to awesome.
  • It’s user friendly. It has anti-harrassment policies in place, and provides childcare. I don’t see myself needing either, but I really love that we’re serious about access, safety, and being welcoming.

The Walnut Creek Marriott is a good venue, and have been responsive hosts. This will be our third year at this location, and it feels like coming home. I personally never leave the hotel, there’s too much going on, but for those who’d like to explore – downtown Walnut Creek is nice, and San Francisco is 45 minutes away.


I co-ordinate the Dealer room and the Writing Workshop for FOGcon.

The Dealer Room is sold out this year, and it looks like it will be fun. We have several experienced book dealers, some people selling unique jewelry; some artists; and the ever-popular Massage Garage massage therapists. And we’re recognizing a changing publishing world, welcoming indie authors who are promoting their own books in genres from science fiction to steampunk. Come buy!

We have an excellent line-up of published authors who’ve kindly agreed to lead groups in the Writing Workshop. Every year, participants tell me it’s a really worthwhile experience; and many return.  We try to keep the group size small – about 3-4 people plus a leader – but we still have a few places. The deadline for manuscripts (up to 10,000 words) is fast approaching – Jan 31st. The Workshop is open to people who have bought Con memberships – whether new writers or published ones – and there’s an extra fee of $20. All the details are here: FOGCon 4 Writing Workshop


FOGcon’s a great little Con, and this is only the fourth year.  The thing about great little cons is they eventually grow into great big cons with membership caps. That’s also lovely and certainly eases the burden on the Treasury.  But there’s a special intimacy to a small Con that we still have at FOGcon.  Come and see!

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